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Tattoo Removal

Our clinic only uses state of the art Tattoo Removal lasers that are recommended to get rid of most inks in your unwanted Tattoo. With our ND:YAG laser we aim to safely make your Tattoo Removal experience as comfortable as possible.

How does it work?

Our ND:YAG Tattoo Removal Laser works by targeting only the ink particles so that it can break down the ink and allow your own bodies immune system to safely remove the ink with minimal to no damage to your skin tissue.

The skin is the largest organ on the body and everybody's skin is different and so is the ink that is used, some tattoos may only take a few sessions to get rid of, with deeper colour it may require more sessions and may not completely get rid of it all.

Cost of Treatment

Treatments £30 a session

Healing time:
4 week to 6 week healing time in between each session

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